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The Circle of Trust


Hello everyone!  I pray that all is well with you and yours.  At this stage in my life, I have grown to realize that “well” does not mean perfect.  So, if you have some challenges, but were able wake up indoors with a meal …be grateful!

As I write this entry, I am reflecting over how my circle of friends has changed over the years.  In my younger days, I spent lots of time trying to determine what I did to people that are no longer in my life.  Guess what I know now…it’s ok!  I have tried to reach out and talk things over.  I cannot talk to my young self and dry her tears, but I can certainly speak to those going through it right now.

I believe it is honorable to try to get to the root of the problem and save a friendship, but sometimes the other party is unwilling to hear you.  I would suggest that you speak your piece, acknowledge their silence and move forward with your life.  If you wronged them, then sincerely apologize.  If you are confused by the tension, inquire about it and give them a chance to explain.  Surely, these actions cannot be one-sided for true healing.  Once again, if they act unbothered by your efforts…let them go!

It may hurt and upset you for a long time, but do not anguish over someone that did not bother to be honest with you.  Move forward with a clean heart.  Keep your ugly thoughts at slim to none.  We are human.  There will be other friends and this situation will help you have better relationships in the future, if you deal with it correctly.  Check your anger and release it.  It will only make you sick.

The same way that you age and evolve, so does your circle of trust.  Some people will be strong figures that genuinely care for you and will be with you always.  Others will be there simply for a season and if you take enough inventory you will discover why the friendship ran its course.  Be good to others and recognize when they aren’t being good to you.

     Don’t waste your time wishing them harm or trying to make them feel small.  Allow them to realize that they lose out by losing you!

Tina Turner Wins Grammy!

14329541.f9d4f355.500If you are anything like me then you got excited when you found out that Tina Turner won a Lifetime achievement award.  However, were you upset like me when there was no big “taDoo?”  Well, get ready because this summer there will be a special award presentation for the honorees!  Get ready to roll on the river.

For even more Information:



Hey everyone!  Thanks for joining me again.  For the record, this will not be about makeup tips or fabulous finds.  Mascara is one of my favorite songs by the amazing Jazmine Sullivan.  I love music for more than the feeling and movement that songs evoke, but I live for lyrics!

This particular song is not very new, but I keep it in my playlist because I love the way it tells a story.  I think women should especially check it out because it points out some hard truths about our society.  Themes like competitiveness among women, living a gold digger lifestyle, and valuing one’s self with material things are all explored in this song.  It resonates with me.  It says more than the surface value of the words sung.

I love dressing up and getting cute.  I think makeup is fun and desiring the fine things in life is admirable.  So, what I am about to say is not to insult anyone that gets glamorous on a regular.

I want to be loved and adored when I “glow up” like Mary J. and when I am as fresh faced as a teenager.  I feel comfortable in both skins.  I am grateful that my husband says the same “I love you” when my eyebrows are unruly and I wear frumpy clothes as he did on our wedding day.


It is a blessing to have the freedom to dress and glamourize yourself as the mood rises.  For some people, they are in the mood 24/7 and I love it.  However, ladies of you are not financially or physically in the mood to keep up with celebrities that have glam squads, do not put undue pressure on yourself.  Take inventory on why you get cute.  I pray is it not a chore, forced activity, or security blanket for issues you THINK you see.  You are beautiful just the way you were made.  If you simply enjoy the freedom of changing your look, feel free!

Listen to Mascara and the album it is featured on, Reality Show By Jazmine Sullivan (2015).


The Quad!

Anika_Noni_Rose_Peabody_2010_(cropped)Disclaimer:  Ok, OK! So I am almost a year late since it premiered. I know, but I am a working Mom and some of us binge watch when we can!

I just wanted to share that I really like this show.  Real talk…I was nervous because some times BET has great intentions, but overacting, predictable storylines or casting errors make me grab the remote quickly! Anika Noni Rose is already our first black Disney princess, now she is a flyy HBCU president. Yassss!

I am really enjoying actors cast for this series.  Like a modern day, edgy Different World, I see the potential for lots of people to get roles.  Mainstream Hollywood often shuffles the same small group of black faces.  I do not want to give too much away.  On one episode, I was shocked to see Directed by Eriq LaSalle, just to name one name you may be surprised to see.  Basically, I can tell The Quad is going to bring us the goods.

Season 2 premieres on Tuesday, January 23rd on BET (see your local listing for times).  Check it out if you haven’t already.  If you have seen season 1, leave your comments below.  Xoxo

Giving of Yourself

“I gave wrong people right pieces of me.”


5350445291_d49fe8dd67_bHave you ever felt like this quote fit your circumstance? I know I have.  In an instance, we can quickly attribute this to romantic love.  I can go on and on about how loving the wrong person romantically can have negative ramifications, but today I want to have a different discussion.

The one thing that seems continuous and constant is the concept of time, but each of us has a specific allotment of it.  It’s like having money in a bank account.  You can withdraw money to your heart’s content and spend every dime you have, but how would you spend it if your balance was a secret to you?

Your time can also be viewed the same way.  Our time is precious and we should be selective of how we use it and to whom we spend it with.  Otherwise, the feeling that you have wasted your time can settle in or you can miss a blessing that was supposed to be for you.  The old saying, “Time flies when you are having fun,” is true.  However, it also zooms past you when you are not making the best of it.

Whether you are clubbing when you should be studying or giving one-sided blessings to so-called friends, the thrill does not last long. You will look up to find that your grades are failing, your pockets are empty, your gas tank is on “E,” and there is no one around to reciprocate your kindness.  Am I saying to be selfish and not help others? Absolutely not.  I am not saying to only help people that are in a position to help you.  My belief is that we are here to help our fellow man, not just take from others.

We should be careful not to bankrupt ourselves financially or emotionally in anything that we do for others or ourselves. Be responsible with what God has given you in terms of time and resources.  Money comes and goes, but the time we are given here is not guaranteed or without end.

Wrong people prey on people without directions and goals.  They pounce on people without boundaries or self-worth. They can sense vulnerability.  Don’t be afraid to give of yourself, but give unto like minded people.  People that value and respect you and your time.


(If anyone knows who authored this statement please let me know in the comments)

That’s How You Feel Lady?

Sometimes, I avoid the news because I reject the depressing stories they bring.  I certainly don’t bury my head in the sand, but the world we are living in is something else (to say the least).

Today, I ran across an article in the New York Post about a 30 year old woman that made a disgusting decision.  Her mother died and instead of going to the funeral this chick broke into her mother’s home! She stole around $90,000 worth of items.

This is crazy to me. I’m mad for her mother. Most people would protect their parents things, not squander them.  I hope she realizes one day that she must be in a pretty low place in life to even consider this stunt. Girl bye!

Be a blessing to someone today!

Ten Days In…

Hello siblings!

BigSis is back.  Happy New Year and I hope your the holidays treated you well.  We are ten days in to 2018 and that can mean several things.  Were the last ten days enjoyable?  Have you spent each day complaining about something you can change? Are the same people bringing you down?

Join me in setting goals for the year.  Let’s begin the year loving ourselves as well as others. The people in your life are there for a reason, but we must be careful not to assign them the job of making us happy.

Year after year, it feels like resolutions are made to be broken. Do not let 2018 ball drop on your resolutions or the sun set on your goals!  New habits are not created overnight and the best laid plans fail sometimes, but if you are diligent in your efforts toward your own happiness and stability…the reward is tremendous!happy-new-year-greeting-card-2018_1120-264