Does “Keeping a Man” exist?


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There is an incessant amount of literature available to guide us through the ebb and flow of love and romance.  People long for true love, anecdotes, and old adages to tell them the ways a woman can keep her man.

I beg to differ. There is not a set of guidelines that tame the adventurous, calm the cheater, and implant your man permanently in your life.  There are certainly plenty of ways to show your love and demonstrate the strength of your feelings, but none of the possibilities guarantees you a faithful, lifelong soulmate.

People do not stay in relationships because the house is spotless, the food is 5-star, and their mate is “live from the red carpet” everyday.  Love saves relationships.  Until it is common knowledge that there is no image that secures fidelity, people will still feel betrayal after following all the “rules.”  For example, a woman with designer nails, immaculate hair, a flawless body, and perfect attention to the needs of her spouse is a feat that some are faced with everyday.  Consider this FAIR WARNING:  “While commendable, this does not keep a man.”

There is no key to matters of the heart, even those who love deeply can drift apart.  None of the rule books available in paperback, hardcover, or Kindle edition will solidify your place in love.  Trust in God, if you know him.  Live in love and lead with respect.  Be the best partner you can be and admit you need help or space when the love seems distant and strained.

Don’t get caught trying to perfect how God made you to keep your mate.  Your mate is responsible for their faithfulness to you.