Messed up about Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and many of you may be in a frenzy trying to have just enough money worthy of your beloved Mom.  I advise you to take a breath and remember the days of macaroni necklaces and construction paper cards.  Surely, we all want to adequately honor our mother’s, but specific amounts of money do not dictate what is acceptable.

3 Steps to a Thoughtful Mother’s Day gift:

  1. CONSIDER HER TO-DO LIST.  Your mom may be wondering how she will complete all of the tasks before her in the time allotted.  Well, you can be a blessing by helping to make her load lighter.  This day could even end in a home cooked meal prepared by, Chef *Insert Your Name Here.*
  2. REFLECT ON YOUR QUALITY TIME.  One thing in our lives that we all need more of is time.  This step requires your to recall a non-expensive activity you share that bring great joy to her day.  Maybe it’s a movie night with snacks, visiting her church, or going to the bookstore?  Offer time from your busy schedule to be with her.  The key here is to unplug and spend quality time.
  3. ASK MOM.  The element of surprise is always fun and rewarding in the end, but sometimes asking your mom leads to a great day.  Mothers will sometimes deter you from spending money because they want you.  Your time is enough.  Some moms simply want a day of rest.  While others, know exactly what gift they want and what restaurant they want reserved.

Happy Gift Hunting!  I am sure she will love it!