MOMMYHOOD 101: Lesson 1

Congratulations to all of my first-time moms and congratulations to the veteran mamas! I salute you.

This Mommyhood Tip is not about the baby, but simply for you. I know it seems like a rare occurence, but you are still important too!

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1.  ORDER IN! New babies require so much from us and we are often feeling exhausted and sorry for ourselves.  You may not have a babysitter or want to leave baby to have a special meal, but with Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and other food delivery services you can have your choice of local restaurant cuisine!

2.  HAVE A GIRLS’ NIGHT!  When baby is big enough to be around people this can be a fun way to catch up with friends, unwind, and get some help for an evening.  Great friends wouls love to meet your new blessing.

3.   SHOP ONLINE! If you are the type of girl that loves to shop, and miss it now that you are a mom….buy yourself something online.  There are countless retail vendors and apps available to calm your shopping itch. Some of my favorite sites are Etsy and Amazon. Some cool shopping apps are Wish and BooHoo.

4.  FIND A MOBILE HAIR STYLIST. Just because you are recouperating and breastfeeding around the clock, it does not mean you can’t have you hair done.  There are plenty of stylists that will come to your home for a small additional fee.  However, I would suggest getting a referral and/or reading reviews before you let a stranger in your home.

5.  ONLINE CLASSES OR “YOUTUBE UNIVERSITY.”  If you find your brain need stimulation beyond Sesame Street and have some energy left, learn something new.  YouTubers have a plethora of videos to teach anything from cooking to computer programming. I like to call it YouTube University.  If that is too informal, enroll in an accredited online university and study hard!

There you have it… 5 ways to hold on to some activities you may feel slipping away.

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