Over the Hill or Stuck at the Start?


When you turn 50, people and birthday decor will declare you, “Over The Hill!”  My perception of this phrase is that being over the hill means you have risen above and are beyond mood-altering insecurity, crippling pettiness, and trivial arguments.

Today, mature people are faced with a challenge.  They can choose to live life “over the hill” as did many before us, with grace and desire to invest in the new generation or hold on to the habits and hang ups of their youth.  If you look at yourself and see no room for improvement, I would venture to say that people see little to no change in you over the years.  I am not talking about wrinkles here.

The beauty that we exude from the inside is more important than the outer appearance.  It is how we are remembered. It is the impression we make on others.

  • Are there lots of judgements in your conversation?
  • Have you done anything to help a younger person not make a mistake you made?
  •  Is the world your classroom?
  •  Do you gossip more than you pray for people?
  • Do you delete friends more frequently than you call them?

If the answer to any of those questions is “Yes,” you may be stuck at the start.  Reflect on the statements people make about you.  Do they have the same complaints about you they had when you were 18? Selfish much? There is time to turn it around.

Get over yourself and get over the hill.

2 thoughts on “Over the Hill or Stuck at the Start?

  1. Well said. Unfortunately, we may see more of us stuck at the bottom. As our use of Social Media increases there seems to be less time for self reflection, which is the only way we admit the need for those life changes. It is my hope that your article gives cause for both self reflection and growth.


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