Thank You Kendrick!

This week the internet has been buzzing about rapper, Kendrick Lamar.  I enjoy this brother’s vibe.  He is unapologetically true to himself and his community.  Even though the world we live in is so shallow and people are so venomous.


In case you have been under a rock this week, let me explain….So, tell me….if you were graduating from high school and your big brother bought you a 2017 Toyota Camry would you be stoked or expect a luxury car?  I guess because the “Humble” artist is famous, the masses expect him to buy his sister a more expensive car? Why does anyone care?

A moment that should have been precious and celebrated by anyone in earshot was tarnished by internet trolls that probably are just hatin’ on her Camry!

Thank you Kendrick for a responsible, smart and normal gesture of love. I am sorry people have such little substance.  I bet they would be giving him props if he bought the car for them.