Book Review: “In Her Feelings” by Tanya Deloatch

In Her Feelings by Tanya Deloatch

Better to stand for something

Than building this wall

Of hatred, anger and disrespect

Senseless trying to figure out

Just who will run this country next?

-Excerpt from Politics, Tanya Deloatch

I bet you think you already know what this piece is about, right?  Like they used to say on MTV, “You think you know, but you have no idea.”  In Her Feelings by Tanya Deloatch takes the reader on a journey through 35 poetic expressions of love, heartache, betrayal, friendship and more.

Deloatch does not hold back her feelings in any section of this book.  The poems are written in language that is universal and identifiable to people of all walks of life.  She is certainly a storyteller that never beats around the bush.

I would advise you to prepare your snacks, grab a blanket, and get comfortable because this collection will keep you still for a while.  As I completed the poems, I found myself wanting to dive in to the next one.  Sometimes poetry is an artform that is enjoyed because one is taken back to a personal experience through the work, and other times you gain a new perspective through the writer’s experience.  In Her Feelings is giving us all of that!

I found this author’s sophomore project to be a good read.  It was an easy and quick read that took me on a roller coaster of reflection through my own life, and gave me the desire to celebrate the speaker.  However, it takes bravery to be “in your feelings” and share those thoughts with the world.  Deloatch not only succeeds, but inspires and strengthens at the turn of each page.

“In Her Feelings” by Tanya Deloatch, Marvelous Leaders Publications, pp. 61, $2.99 Kindle Edition and $8.99 Paperback

ISBN-13: 978-1532973154, ISBN-10: 1532973152

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