Mommyhood 101: Woes of Working

Have you exhausted your six weeks postpartum? Are the last few days with your beautiful baby looming near? Have you begun to see what outfits you can still get into for work?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you are not alone.  People will try to make you feel better by saying, “Mothers go back to work all the time!”  As logical as it seems, it can make you feel worse inside.

My daughters are far from newborns or infants, but I am compelled to share because it is still hard to leave them each day, at three and almost two years old.  I find that in this situation, one must look for strength instead of yielding to the pain and guilt that are weakening you.

Sisters, do not let anyone belittle your feelings or flag you as overprotective.  Yes, many women across the globe have to work in order to survive, but that does not mean that they don’t dream of nurturing amd teaching their child until they go to kindergarten.  It doesn’t mean that they don’t fear the person caring for their child will hurt or ignore them.  These are real feelings that deserve love and encouragement as their response.

My Tips for Working Woes:

  • Start shopping for a sitter shortly after or even prior to giving birth.
  • Once chosen, invite the new sitter over (while you are still on leave) to spend time with the baby.  You can share care tips, and they will develop a bond.
  • Find a sitter that is supportive. If you want to call in the middle of the work to hear your baby’s “coo” then it should be more than ok.
  • Pray and/or Meditate.  My God carried me through this inner battle.  There is peace to be found, just seek it.

Moms, congratulations on your precious baby/babies and know that your feelings are shared by others.  My mother left me audio recordings of her voice upon her return and I always felt it was special of her, but as a mother myself… I know it was for both of us.