Giving of Yourself

“I gave wrong people right pieces of me.”


5350445291_d49fe8dd67_bHave you ever felt like this quote fit your circumstance? I know I have.  In an instance, we can quickly attribute this to romantic love.  I can go on and on about how loving the wrong person romantically can have negative ramifications, but today I want to have a different discussion.

The one thing that seems continuous and constant is the concept of time, but each of us has a specific allotment of it.  It’s like having money in a bank account.  You can withdraw money to your heart’s content and spend every dime you have, but how would you spend it if your balance was a secret to you?

Your time can also be viewed the same way.  Our time is precious and we should be selective of how we use it and to whom we spend it with.  Otherwise, the feeling that you have wasted your time can settle in or you can miss a blessing that was supposed to be for you.  The old saying, “Time flies when you are having fun,” is true.  However, it also zooms past you when you are not making the best of it.

Whether you are clubbing when you should be studying or giving one-sided blessings to so-called friends, the thrill does not last long. You will look up to find that your grades are failing, your pockets are empty, your gas tank is on “E,” and there is no one around to reciprocate your kindness.  Am I saying to be selfish and not help others? Absolutely not.  I am not saying to only help people that are in a position to help you.  My belief is that we are here to help our fellow man, not just take from others.

We should be careful not to bankrupt ourselves financially or emotionally in anything that we do for others or ourselves. Be responsible with what God has given you in terms of time and resources.  Money comes and goes, but the time we are given here is not guaranteed or without end.

Wrong people prey on people without directions and goals.  They pounce on people without boundaries or self-worth. They can sense vulnerability.  Don’t be afraid to give of yourself, but give unto like minded people.  People that value and respect you and your time.


(If anyone knows who authored this statement please let me know in the comments)