The Circle of Trust


Hello everyone!  I pray that all is well with you and yours.  At this stage in my life, I have grown to realize that “well” does not mean perfect.  So, if you have some challenges, but were able wake up indoors with a meal …be grateful!

As I write this entry, I am reflecting over how my circle of friends has changed over the years.  In my younger days, I spent lots of time trying to determine what I did to people that are no longer in my life.  Guess what I know now…it’s ok!  I have tried to reach out and talk things over.  I cannot talk to my young self and dry her tears, but I can certainly speak to those going through it right now.

I believe it is honorable to try to get to the root of the problem and save a friendship, but sometimes the other party is unwilling to hear you.  I would suggest that you speak your piece, acknowledge their silence and move forward with your life.  If you wronged them, then sincerely apologize.  If you are confused by the tension, inquire about it and give them a chance to explain.  Surely, these actions cannot be one-sided for true healing.  Once again, if they act unbothered by your efforts…let them go!

It may hurt and upset you for a long time, but do not anguish over someone that did not bother to be honest with you.  Move forward with a clean heart.  Keep your ugly thoughts at slim to none.  We are human.  There will be other friends and this situation will help you have better relationships in the future, if you deal with it correctly.  Check your anger and release it.  It will only make you sick.

The same way that you age and evolve, so does your circle of trust.  Some people will be strong figures that genuinely care for you and will be with you always.  Others will be there simply for a season and if you take enough inventory you will discover why the friendship ran its course.  Be good to others and recognize when they aren’t being good to you.

     Don’t waste your time wishing them harm or trying to make them feel small.  Allow them to realize that they lose out by losing you!