Hey everyone!  Thanks for joining me again.  For the record, this will not be about makeup tips or fabulous finds.  Mascara is one of my favorite songs by the amazing Jazmine Sullivan.  I love music for more than the feeling and movement that songs evoke, but I live for lyrics!

This particular song is not very new, but I keep it in my playlist because I love the way it tells a story.  I think women should especially check it out because it points out some hard truths about our society.  Themes like competitiveness among women, living a gold digger lifestyle, and valuing one’s self with material things are all explored in this song.  It resonates with me.  It says more than the surface value of the words sung.

I love dressing up and getting cute.  I think makeup is fun and desiring the fine things in life is admirable.  So, what I am about to say is not to insult anyone that gets glamorous on a regular.

I want to be loved and adored when I “glow up” like Mary J. and when I am as fresh faced as a teenager.  I feel comfortable in both skins.  I am grateful that my husband says the same “I love you” when my eyebrows are unruly and I wear frumpy clothes as he did on our wedding day.


It is a blessing to have the freedom to dress and glamourize yourself as the mood rises.  For some people, they are in the mood 24/7 and I love it.  However, ladies of you are not financially or physically in the mood to keep up with celebrities that have glam squads, do not put undue pressure on yourself.  Take inventory on why you get cute.  I pray is it not a chore, forced activity, or security blanket for issues you THINK you see.  You are beautiful just the way you were made.  If you simply enjoy the freedom of changing your look, feel free!

Listen to Mascara and the album it is featured on, Reality Show By Jazmine Sullivan (2015).